Confident, Intelligent, Strong, Ambitious, Self‑driven Young Women

Our mission is to empower young women to reach their full potential by providing scholarship opportunities for college as well as personal development to become confident leaders.

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Proud to be the largest scholarship program for high school girls

Over $1 Billion in scholarship opportunities are made available each year through cash or college granted scholarships.

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Setting the Stage for Future Leaders

The program takes place in all 50 states and Washington DC with some states having local programs as well. Depending on the state and local program, young women participate in either their junior or senior year of high school.

Each year’s class of state representatives travel to Mobile, Alabama the June after their high school graduation to take part in the Distinguished Young Women National Finals. They spend two weeks getting to know each other while enjoying events and volunteering in the local community, developing Life Skills for college and beyond, and performing on stage to a national audience.

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About DYW

The Largest Scholarship Program for Young Women.

Since 1958, Distinguished Young Women has provided life-changing experiences for more than 780,000 women across the country and awarded more than $118 million in cash scholarships at the local, state and national levels.

About Us


Decades of Impact

Ty Williams-Reed

Class of 1997

Like many working-class families, the practicalities of how my family would afford college were elusive. Were it not for the generosity of the Distinguished Young Women scholarship fund, my journey as a lifetime learner may have never taken flight.

Alyssa Stephany

Class of 1995

I truly believe that when I get up to present to the CEO of my hospital, that I have an element of confidence that stems back to DYW. The program’s influence is written throughout the pages of my journey to where I am today.

Mina Liang

Class of 2019

The longest-lasting impact that I have taken from DYW has been the values of the program exhibited through the passion and sacrifice of the volunteers who, year after year, give up weeks and months of their lives to ensure the two weeks of Nationals are flawless. The DYW spirit is deeply rooted within my commitment to community and focus on long-term impact that guides my daily decisions.

Robin Black

Class of 1971

DYW was a grand adventure with the life-changing gift of scholarship dollars for college. The program widened my horizons and boosted my self-confidence. My world got bigger through this program. What a gift that was at age 17.

Rachel Brady

Class of 2019

The impact of Distinguished Young Women has been life changing. Due to the full-tuition scholarship I received, I can spend my time volunteering and being active on campus instead of working. I have gained irreplaceable lessons and life skills. I have been given the confidence to wholeheartedly pursue my career. And I have been blessed with lifelong friendships, mentors and role models. Thank you DYW for continuing to invest in my future and the futures of all women across the country.

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